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Tinder Search

Among the services provided by the dating platform Tinder to its users, one of the outstanding services includes Tinder Search. The search is itself clear that you will be able to search anyone you want to add on Tinder. The search has helped the users to be specific in searching people nearby.


What is Tinder Search?

It is one of the features or services of the Tinder that is programmed to find the people that the users want to add on their profile for further processes like starting a conversation and later ask them to go out for dating or meeting.  You can search anyone you like on Tinder as if available will be displayed on the list. You can search a person on Tinder by their username or the email address that they had put during the sign-up process on Tinder.

Swipe to search a person on Tinder

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Though swipe is not a typical search option, it somehow works as a search tool. With this tool, you can only flip the profiles of people left and right and flip right will allow you to view the people who are living nearby you and you might want to begin the dating journey with him or her on Tinder. You can swipe for limited number of time using the free Tinder app while you will be able to swipe as much as you can using the Tinder Plus service.

What can I search on Tinder?


The search option is generally given to the people to find the Tinder users who are living nearby or somewhere else you want. You can search the tinder users by entering their name. If the person is already known to you or you know him well, you can search them and add them to your Tinder profile by viewing the photos posted by him/her or the information he or she has posted on the profile.

Find the Right Person on Tinder


You might be in search of a specific person that you want to add on Tinder and start a conversation and later manage to meet or ask for dating. Swiping right for many times to find the person on Tinder is not reliable. There is a very less possible to find the person whom you want to add on Tinder while search option will help you find him or her instantly. If he or she is on Tinder, their  profile will be listed on the search result and you can add them on Tinder.

If they like your profile back, then it might be the starting of your dating future. The person that you want to add has not registered on Tinder, you will never find him or her. Also, he or she might have registered the Tinder with a different username and at that time also, you won’t find him or her on Tinder until you get the username personally.

How to search on Tinder?

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Searching for your desirable match on Tinder is very easy as it is location based too. Searching a person online with the help of the username is already a benefit on Tinder while searching a person in accordance with the location is an additional outstanding feature of Tinder. To search people, go to the search toolbar on the top of the Tinder app where you can type the username of the person whom you want to search and hit enter.

A list of search results will appear on the screen just below the search toolbar from which you can search the one whom you want to add and hit like on their profiles. You can also search the people nearby by selecting the location of the area you are living. If you subscribe the Tinder Plus service by paying a certain cost, you will be able to search the people from the place where you want to visit and have some fun with them going on a date.

Add a Location to Search a Match within That Area

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If you are going to some place for your vacation, you might want to have a date with a person living in that place. If it is so, Tinder Plus will be very helpful to you with which you can search a person living there adding the location which can be a new city or place and country. You can begin searching your match before you reach to that place and later have a date with him or her when your reach there.

Some factors which will make your Search Precise

There are some factors which help you to search a specific person on Tinder. You have to care some of the factors with which your search will be faster and perfect. Here are some of the factors that would be very helpful for your search for perfect match in Tinder:

Search a Person by His/Her Information

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While you search a person, you can know the person that you have searched for their age, location, job, education, interests, gender preference, and any other personal information. Their information makes your search more precise or specific. It is also the easiest and the fastest method of finding anyone on Tinder.


location setting

Search a person on by their location which is an option that you can select while searching anyone in any particular area. You can change the location of your device easily with the help of different apps available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It will help you to track the location of your friends too.

Username from other Social messaging sites

tinder username

If someone that you like is on other social messaging sites and you want him or her to add on your Tinder account, then you can try to search them on Tinder using the username of other social messaging sites. This might help you if he or she has kept the same username on Tinder too.